Become a DevOps Engineer

What is DevOps : A working culture which is being adopted by most of the enterprise environments.
What you will be learning : Widely used tools in DevOps/Application Support/Build and Release Management/CI/CD Pipelines
Who to Attend : Huge demand in SOR (System of record), Insurance, Banking, Environment management teams, Software support, Build and Release management, tooling and automating the manual IT processes.
Who is Hiring DevOps : All major IT, Banks, Credit Unions, Insurance companies are hiring DevOps to achieve fast deliveries and automation.


Tools you will be learning from professionals with real time examples and projects:

Why DevOps ?

  • Anyone Can Learn DevOps.
  • Easy To Get A Job in Canadian market as most of the enterprise and small companies are adopting this new culture.
  • No need to have command on languages/Development background. Basic computer language knowledge would be enough.
  • Faster Releases (through build and deployment automation using CI/CD Pipelines).
  • Easy to find jobs (Top 10 Jobs booming in Toronto) Click Here
  • Exposure To Various Trending Tools, Troubleshooting and Technologies.

DevOps wages : 120 K+ for Full time workers

Course description :

24 in Class (48 hrs) (8 Weeks) includes projects, hands on practices and troubleshooting. Free course in Shell Scripting (Linux). Build and Release management, Configuration management, Integration, Application Monitoring, Defect tracking tools and troubleshooting.

Instructor Profile:

Muhammad Sajjad

Snr. DevOps Engineer in Information Technology environment for financial services – Asset/Wealth/Portfolio Management and (P&C) insurance System of record software. Currently working for IBM Canada (providing consultancy to TD bank). 7+ Years experience in Infrastructure development, build and release automation, CI/CD and deployment. Extensive experience and proven accomplishments in several areas of IT in Asia, Africa, Europe and North America. 8+ years of experience in Financial & Insurance software support(configuration management, DevOps, deployment, integration, technical support and implementation) Overall 22 Years’ experience in Design, Implementation and Consultancy.